Media Duplication

Media Duplication.

Ward Productions offers a wide range of duplication options for both CD and DVD recordings.We also offer many printing options to personalize your disk and packaging.  Ask about our custom graphics and designs.  We only use the highest quality blank media and packaging so you can be assured of a good duplication and long lasting products.  We also offer individual shrink wrapping and mailing if needed.

One of our most popular product lines for corporate and religious groups are printed blank CD's and DVDs.  We print your group's logo,event name, and/or any important information about your group or recording on a disk which you can use in the future to record on, duplicate, and distribute or archive.   Never leave unlabeled disks laying around again or have to rush to print a label when the recording is finished.  Re-order's are simple and quick when you use all or most of your initial order.

Media Conversion:

 Convert your older audio and video recordings, including your vinyl records and home movies, to Cd's and DVDs that will play in your modern players.  These digital copies will not degrade with use and last much longer than analog or digital tape recordings.

  • DVD Creation from multiple home videos (including menu and chapter titles)
  • DVD Creation from digital photo album or photo card (including menu)
  • Pricing based on length of original recording and number of copies requested.
  • We cannot transfer or copy any copyrighted material without consent or waiver.