Ward Productions has been installing audio/visual products since its founding in the 1970’s.Throughout our history, the technicians, engineers, and designers of Ward Productions have been dedicated to installing the highest quality equipment using the newest and most creative techniques and designs possible.  Our wide array of products and services are designed to meet the client’s audio/visual needs while maintaining as much of the aesthetic and acoustic integrity of the venue as possible.  Churches or Schools, Restaurants or Night Clubs, Hotels or Convention Centers, Gymnasiums or Arenas, Parks or Sports Complexes, no venue is too large or small, too new or too old, too complex or too simple.  Systems are available to meet any demand and any budget.

Our customer service and technical support before, during, and after installations have been widely acclaimed as some of the best in the business since our first installation over 35 years ago.  During the design process, your input as it relates to your venue, your audience, your ideas, and your vision for the future is carefully listened to and integrated into your system.  As the system is installed,constant attention is paid to the impact on your scheduled activities in the venue as to minimize the disruption, as well as to your feedback and questions as they arise.  Once the system is complete, our people stand by you and your team while you learn the operation of your new equipment.  We offer in depth and hands-on training to your full team of operators   Following the training, our technicians are always available and happy to help you with any questions or concerns as they arise.

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