Audio Recording:

Ward Productions has a rich history in the audio recording business, recording live events and studio groups for over 35 years.  Our experience and sustainability in the recording industry are matched only by our attention to detail and desire to produce the highest quality product for our customers.  From recording session to final product, our goal is not only to provide the best final product, but also the most enjoyable and creatively stimulating experience for the artist.  Our recording engineers are each accomplished musicians themselves and apply their own experience to each project.  Our engineers also encourage an artist’s input and ideas.  They work diligently to integrate these ideas into the mix to make the final recording truly yours.

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Video Recording:

  Ward Productions has been in the video recording industry for over 10 years now.  As we entered into this diverse medium, we took time to learn from other established professionals in the industry. We also listened to our customers and grew slowly to ensure that the values of customer service, great value, and quality products which have served us well for years were established in this new medium.  Over the past few years, we have grown to be one of the most respected video production companies in the area.  Our creative method results in not only artistic, well-designed videos, but a great deal of fun and enjoyment in the process for the artist and for us.

We have worked with corporate, religious, community, and educational clients, as well as any individual seeking to capture something on video.  We film live event, on-location, and/or studio sessions.  Final products may be specifically designed for web-cast or use on any web-site.  Script and production development available.

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Wedding Videography:

 Our creative wedding videos will truly make your special day memorable as you relive the experience and emotion time and time again.  The quality of the video and the clarity of the sound will take you back to the “I do’s” every time you watch.  Our video of the ceremony only compares to that of the reception.  The dancing, the cake, the toasts, the bouquet, and especially the guarder will all be captured to share with your friends, even those friends who are embarrassed to watch themselves dance.  No matter how big or small your wedding, we know every wedding is special,  Allow us to make your special day just as special every time you watch.

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Memory Videos:

 Ward Productions is happy to offer the bride and groom a chance to make their wedding reception or rehearsal dinner even more memorable by creating a memories video.  A memories video may take many forms but the most popular is a look back on their lives to this point using photographs.  These photographs can be digital or film and when set to music, with our creative touch mixed in, form a video scrapbook that will make you laugh, cry, but most of all remember how special a wedding is.  Grooms- This makes a great gift for your bride on her special weekend.

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